Part journal, part travel guide: HARDYS ON HOLIDAY will help you plan your travels but also be a way for me to look back and remember the special moments from my own adventures with Zack.

HARDYS ON HOLIDAY is meant to inspire and inform.

We are the Hardys.

Hi, there! I’m Courtney Hardy, and Zack is my husband. And this is (some of) our story:

In 2014, we moved from North Carolina (where we both grew up, where we met, where we started dating) to Los Angeles, California. While I was fortunate to travel a little growing up, I think this big move really set the travel bug in motion.

While we were getting settled in LA, we couldn’t take any big trips, but Zack and I would take day and weekend trips when time and money would allow it. . .which was also a great way to get to know our new state.

In 2016 we tied the knot, and began planning and saving for our belated honeymoon.

Our honeymoon was booked for January 2017, and we visited London, Rome, and Florence. This was a major milestone for Zack: his first trip outside the United States.

I think it was on this trip that we both came to an agreement that we would try to take one big trip each year (on top of small weekend trips here and there), but life had other plans.

In 2018, Zack’s job gave us the opportunity to move abroad for about 9 months, and we decided to go for it. I quit my job and moved with him to Budapest and Madrid. . .and traveled to as many places as I could manage.

It was an unforgettable journey that only escalated our sense of adventure. We moved back to Los Angeles and lived there for a few more years until 2021 when we moved back to North Carolina. Through it all we have continued to travel, both near and far – and every trip is documented on this blog.

I hope my posts inspire you to travel, try new things, and just get creative. However you interpret those.

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