Hello there!

Whether you’ve found your way here from my old blog, my instagram, my pinterest, or just stumbled on my page randomly – welcome to my little corner of the internet. I hope you’ll stick around!

The intro gives it away, but no, I’m not new to the blogging world. I actually started my very first blog exactly 6 years ago TODAY. (How’s that for crazy timing?) It started as a fashion and food blog (two other passions of mine), but over the years evolved into a lifestyle blog where I would share everything from fashion advice and inspiration to recipes to travel guides and more.

So why start a new blog?

My blog has always been a creative outlet – a place for me to share what I want and how I want. And for a while now, the posts that I feel most excited about are the ones about my travels.

Did I really have to start a brand new blog for that? Probably not, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, and it really felt like something that would thrive with an (almost) clean slate.

I say almost because I have transferred over a lot of travel content from my old blog. Everything travel related since 2018 as well as our honeymoon in 2017 is here (because that’s an important travel milestone).

Another reason I wanted a fresh start: my blog was starting to feel like a chore. It was really important for me to post consistently, but that gets tough when you’re juggling a day job, friends and family, and life in general. I want my posts to always feel exciting, inspired, and thought out. SO while the posts may be sporadic (because I don’t travel 24/7. . .yet), I hope the content I share will resonate with you.

And lastly, I’m MOST excited because this is now a shared endeavor with my husband, Zack. While I will be the primary author and content creator, he will continue to help me behind the scenes and maybe occasionally share something from his point of view!

So is HARDYS ON HOLIDAY a journal? Travel guide? Maybe a little of both. You can read a little bit more about the intentions behind this blog and get a little background on Zack and I on our ABOUT ME page.

– Courtney

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