Milos: The Best Greek Island You’ve Never Heard Of

I can confidently say you will want to visit Milos immediately once you read this blog post. While Milos is much lesser known than islands like Santorini and Mykonos, its unique landscapes and beautiful beaches make it an unforgettable destination. 

Here’s how we spent 4 days on the island (once we finally got there!): 


So I mentioned in my last blog that our journey from Santorini to Milos was quite the adventure. We were originally scheduled to fly from Santorini → Athens → Milos (no direct flights or ferries from Santorini to Milos in October), but the weather had other plans.

The wind was pretty intense during our time in Santorini, and our flight ended up being delayed about 2 hours because of it – which meant we would probably miss our connection in Athens. When we finally arrived in Athens, we had about 5 minutes until our flight was supposed to leave…and we knew there was a strong chance that we wouldn’t be able to board, but we RAN to our gate just in case, and lucky for us, the flight from Athens to Milos was also delayed. We were SO relieved. Until…

The flight was canceled.

We were told to collect our bags and head to the customer service area where we could be rebooked on another flight the following day. What a bummer!

The rebooking process went pretty smoothly though, and we were scheduled to fly out the next morning at 7am. The airline also booked us a hotel, a catered meal, and transportation – all for free, so all in all, things were looking up. 


…but actually day 1.

We finally made it to Milos! 

Our airbnb host picked us up at the tiniest airport I’ve ever been to and drove us 10 minutes into Adamas, the main port town where our Airbnb was located. Our Airbnb host also owned a rental car company (and offered a discount since we had booked their Airbnb), so we picked up our rental car as well. 

A rental car or ATV is an absolute must in Milos. It’s a small island but not small enough to walk around, and you definitely wouldn’t be able to rely on finding a taxi. Also it seemed like all the car options were manual so make sure you’re comfortable with that. (Always thankful my dad made me drive a stick as my first car!)  

After freshening up, we headed out to our first stop of the day: Sarakiniko Beach.

This beach was what I was looking forward to the most! Known for its moon-like landscape and incredible blue-green water, we climbed along the white volcanic rock formations and were greeted with incredible view after incredible view. It was hands down my favorite place on Milos and we visited several times! Also – there were only like 3 other cars in the parking lot, so it really felt like we had the whole place to ourselves! 

We drove over to Pollonia, another town on Milos and grabbed lunch at Yialos. The food was so refreshing. We had a tomato salad with arugula, katiki domokou (a type of cheese), fig honey, and rusk; shrimp ceviche; tuna tartar; and a dark chocolate olive oil mousse for dessert.   

We walked along the water and hunted for pretty rocks and shells, oohed and aahed over the cute houses and cats that were everywhere, and just soaked in all the views.

Next stop: Papafragas Beach and caves. We climbed along the rocks and got some great views of some caves and cool rock formations, and once again, we were the ONLY people here! There was a little area that would be perfect for swimming, but it was a little too cold and windy to get in the water.

We decided to head back to Sarakiniko Beach just before sunset. It was a little more crowded now, but honestly nothing crazy. A few people were swimming in the water, and I decided to wade in a little just to say I did it! It was definitely QUITE chilly. We found a spot to sit and just relax as the sun started to set. I was surprised how many people left before sunset because it was absolutely dreamy! 

We drove back to Adamas, walked along the water, grabbed some gelato, and checked out a few shops before calling it a night.

Successful day!

DAY 3 

We were supposed to have a full day boat tour around the island and explore different caves and beaches, but unfortunately it was canceled due to high winds. I was definitely bummed, but honestly – the waves were pretty intense so it would have probably been pretty miserable. 

So we switched gears and decided to explore several different beaches and towns around Milos.

Up first: Firopotamos. It’s a small fishing village with a little beach, and once again we were the ONLY people here! I think in the warmer months, this beach is full of sunbathers and swimmers, but we did enjoy the quietness and spent some time wandering along the beach and through the little village. 

We headed to Mandrakia for lunch at Medusa. This restaurant was on almost every travel guide I looked at for Milos, and I agree – it’s  a must! The restaurant sits right on the water (so killer views) and the fish is fresh and delicious. We shared a GIANT Medusa salad (tomato, potato, carrots, onions, capers, pepper, cucumber, and zucchini), grilled shrimp, and saganaki (fried Kefalotyri cheese)  This was the busiest place we visited by far, so I’m sure there’s a wait in the busier season. 

We did spend a little time wandering around Mandrakia as well. It was another picturesque little fishing village that’s definitely worth exploring. 

In the afternoon we visited Plaka, the capital town of Milos. It’s closed to cars, so we found a little parking lot and made our way by foot. We wandered around aimlessly and eventually made our way up to the Venetian Castle, one of the highest points on the island with panoramic views. This is supposed to be another great spot for sunset as well. There were lots of restaurants around Plaka, but since we had already eaten lunch we just explored all the winding streets. If you love architecture, this is a fun place to get lost. 

Our last stop for the day was Klima, another fishing village, but what makes this one special is how COLORFUL it is. I believe you can even rent out some of the homes for your stay which would be so fun! This is supposed to be another incredible sunset spot, and this was actually our plan BUT the road to get to Klima was very narrow, steep, and windy, and my mom and I both agreed we wouldn’t feel comfortable driving on it in the dark, so we spent a little time exploring before heading back to Adamas for the evening.

Back in Adamas we walked along the water and hunted for shells before we grabbed sangria at a random restaurant by the water and watched the sunset. 


On our final day in Milos we had an early wake up call to watch the sunrise at Sarakiniko Beach (Our third time here and I highly recommend coming here for sunrise AND sunset if you can!) The wind was absolutely INSANE, but it was so worth it. Besides my mom and I, there were only 2 other people there for sunrise. It was so magical. 

We headed back to Adamas for a little breakfast before we checked out of our airbnb and loaded up our luggage in the rental car. 

We had an evening flight back to Athens, so we decided to spend the day at Paliochori Beach. It’s considered one of the best beaches in Milos and is known for its red rocks and sand that gets so hot you can cook your food in it! 

We walked along the beach, waded ankle deep in the water, and finally ended up renting a cabana for the afternoon at Aqua Loca. It was only 20€ for the cabana which included 2 day beds, which seemed like a fair price to us. We sipped cocktails and ordered a few share plates to munch on. The basil mastic cocktail was so refreshing (gin, mastic, basil, lime, and grapefruit soda) and the falafel tacos were delicious. 

Finally it was time to head to the airport. We were going to fly to Athens and stay at an Airbnb near the airport, then fly back home the next day. Little did we know, another airport adventure was ahead. 

It wasn’t long after we arrived at the airport that our 5:50pm flight was delayed indefinitely, and we had a pretty strong feeling that it would just be canceled. We immediately went into Plan B mode and discovered there was a ferry heading to Athens at 6:30pm. The ferry port was only a 10 minute drive from the airport, so we kept our eye on the clock in case we needed to make a last minute decision. Finally, at around 5:45pm, our flight was canceled. We hopped into our rental car and booked it to buy ferry tickets. Thankfully our airbnb host had no issues with us leaving the car near the ferry! 

Now let me just talk about this ferry for a second. What a godsend that there was even a ferry running, but it was a ROUGH ride. We were rocking back and forth like nobody’s business, people were getting seasick left and right, and it was like this for the ENTIRE FIVE HOUR RIDE. Thankfully I don’t get seasick (and neither does my mom), but it was definitely not the most enjoyable ferry ride. 

We made it to Athens around midnight and had to take a taxi to our Airbnb which was about an hour ride (because of course the port is nowhere near the airport). Our taxi driver was an incredibly kind, older man who helped us find our airbnb and made sure we got inside safely (bless him!).

It was now after 1:00am and all we wanted to do was shower and sleep! 


We had enough time to grab breakfast before we had to head to the airport, and our airbnb host had told us about a nearby bakery, so we walked over. We bought so many pastries and didn’t even come close to spending 5€. So cheap but SO good.

Then it was off to the airport for our long journey back to NC.

Of course, we experienced more major flight delays once we made it to Newark airport (6 HOUR DELAY! *crying*). We were so exhausted and so thankful when we finally made it home! 

Can’t complain too much though because it was such an amazing two weeks! 


Please add Milos to your bucket list immediately! What a beautiful, incredible, unique island. And go sooner rather than later, because I think tourism here will EXPLODE. 

A few thoughts and tips:
• I loved how every beach and village looked so different from each other even though it’s all on the same small island! 
• October was a great time to visit if you want to feel like you have the island to yourself, BUT it can limit some restaurants/tours that might be closed for the season. 
• I found Milos to be incredibly affordable. I assume this is partially due to it being the off season, but also because it’s not one of the super well known islands…yet.
• Please consider the wind when it comes to your travel plans. I think we were in a bit of an outlier situation, but the airport and planes are so small that the wind can play a huge factor! I’d 100% take the ferry next time! While the cancellations really didn’t affect any of our plans, they were, of course, a bit stressful in the moment, but everything really worked out in the end.
• Last but certainly not least: cats cats cats!! This kinda goes for all of Greece. Cats are everywhere, and as a cat person, I love it. But Milos was on another level. SO many cute little floofs running around. I was in heaven.

And this wraps up our two week Europe vacation! Took me long enough to share all the blogs and videos, but we got there! There’s a short cinematic video of Milos on youtube plus a little vlog too. And you can check out the links below for the other places we visited on our trip!  

– Courtney



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