Hello, Budapest

Hello, Budapest (correctly pronounced Boo-da-PESHT)! We arrived last week, on the first day of spring, no less, but it felt more like the first day of winter with temperatures in the 30s. And for Zack + I, it basically was since our winter in Los Angeles is when the thermometer hits 60.

Zack started working almost immediately, and I’ve spent my days wandering around and exploring, scoping out restaurants to try and places to visit, and just getting familiar with the city.

There is some pretty incredible architecture, a lot of really cute cafes (and I can’t wait to try them all), and tons of new foods to try. The language seems pretty challenging, but we’ve found that most people speak English fairly well, so it hasn’t been an issue; though I would like to make it a goal to learn a decent amount of words and phrases before our time here is over.

Honestly, we’ve hardly put a dent in all there is to do in this city, but we have so much time to explore that it’s been fun just aimlessly wandering around right now. I’m definitely looking forward to warmer weather (LA has softened me to the cold), and further exploring this place. There will be a more in depth guide on Budapest once we’ve lived her for a bit! Stay tuned, and if you don’t already, follow me on my Instagram for daily updates!

– Courtney

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