We’re Moving

BIG news: Zack + I are moving!

Zack’s job has given us an amazing opportunity to move to Europe, and we will be there for most of 2018. We aren’t saying goodbye to Los Angeles forever. Just pressing pause on our adventure here while we spend some time living abroad this year.

The pics give it away, but we will be living in both Budapest, Hungary and Madrid, Spain. Details are still falling into place, but we will be leaving in less than a month, so things are getting a little crazy around here with all the packing and planning.

I keep getting asked if we are nervous or scared, and my answer is: not really. Sure there’s a little bit of nerves because there’s so much unknown, but most of that stems from excitement. We love to travel, and this is going to allow us to see more of the world than we ever have. To be honest, I’m more stressed out about packing up our entire life, putting everything in a storage unit, and trying to fit everything I’m bringing into 2 large suitcases, 1 carry on, and a book bag.

Hope you will follow along on this journey with me. (And if you don’t already, check me out on Instagram for all the latest).

– Courtney

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