We’re Moving…Again

Today’s post is a bittersweet one. We are currently making the drive from Los Angeles, California to Wake Forest, North Carolina.

Yup, we’re moving again.

Only this time it isn’t a temporary thing. We’re leaving LA for good. (Although I’ve learned MANY times to never say never.)

It all happened really fast. And at the same time it didn’t. But that’s a story for another time.

I’ve realized over the past month that I’m an extremely sentimental person. And I’ve definitely been very emotional about the move…I’ve honestly never experienced such a strong contrast of emotions simultaneously…but I’m READY and EXCITED for what’s next – Zack and I have some big dreams, plans, and opportunities, but LA will always have a special place in my/our heart.

So many amazing memories and life changing experiences happened because we took the risk of moving there.

We moved in together

We got engaged.

We spent the first 5 years of our marriage there.

We met some of our best friends.

We had once in a lifetime travel opportunities.

So much more.

People compare life to books all the time…we describe it in chapters. Our Los Angeles chapter is closing, and a new one is beginning!

Can’t wait to take you along in the journey.

– Courtney

PS – I still have plenty of west coast content coming to the blog and YouTube channel. Things got put on hold a bit as we’ve been prepping for our move, so stay tuned for that and look forward to lots of fun, new content from the east coast too.


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