One Day in La Jolla

I‘m a bit behind on a few blogs – moving across the country kinda took over my life these past few months (in case you missed it – you can catch up on on the details here, here, and here), but now that we’ve kind of settled in – it’s catch up time!

I’ve got a few more LA/California blogs and videos to share starting with today’s post (and youtube video) from my day trip to La Jolla back in JULY!

I’ve actually visited La Jolla before, and it was amazing (you can read about my first visit here), but my brother, Luke, was coming into town for a long weekend, and we decided to make the drive down and do some kayaking, hiking, and whatever else we could squeeze in.

So, here’s a round up of our day which was definitely PACKED full, but so fun and a perfect one day itinerary if you’re looking for some ideas!

7:00am Leave Los Angeles

10:00am Sea Kayak Tour // We arrived around 9:30am and had plenty of time to find parking and check-in for our sea kayak adventure. We booked a tour through La Jolla Sea Cave Kayaks which included a guided tour along the coast, into sea caves, and through kelp forests, with plenty of wildlife sightings as well from sharks to seals.

12:00pm Explore the La Jolla Cove, tide pools, and sea cliffs // After kayaking, we made our way to downtown La Jolla, grabbed a quick lunch, and took a long walk along the coast. The landscape is absolutely stunning. It’s crazy because I was there just 2 years ago and some areas look completely different because of the way the water has shaped the cliffs.

By the La Jolla Cove you’ll almost certainly see tons of seals and sea lions sun bathing or playing in the water. Definitely a highlight in my opinion.

4:00pm Head to Annie’s Canyon Trail // It’s about 30 minutes north of La Jolla (which is on the way home so it’s perfect for starting or ending a day trip). I discovered this trail on instagram and had been DYING to go – it looked so epic. Spoiler alert: I was not disappointed. It’s a slot canyon – so super narrow passageways but absolutely breathtaking. Overall the hike is very easy and short; however if you have any form of claustrophobia, it might not be for you.

6:00pm Head home

And that sums up our day trip to La Jolla! It’s a great little town to visit – for a day trip or even longer, there’s plenty to do. For more ideas, be sure to check out my other La Jolla Blog: 5 Things To Do in La Jolla, and don’t forget to watch my new youtube video highlighting all the beautiful sights of La Jolla.

– Courtney

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