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Zack had a four day weekend for Easter (which also happened to fall on April Fools Day AND our two year wedding anniversary), and our friend, Alex, was visiting from Los Angeles, so we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and take a train from Budapest to Prague.

The train ride was about 6 hours, but there’s something about taking a train that feels magical. (Maybe because I always think about Harry Potter when I’m on a train?) We packed a lunch and enjoyed the ride through the countrysides of Hungary, Slovakia, and finally, the Czech Republic.

We arrived to Prague in the late afternoon and took the evening to do a little exploring, enjoy the Easter festival in Old Town Square, and watch the sunset over Charles Bridge. Saturday and Sunday were packed full with sightseeing, eating, and wandering around the city, before our train ride back to Budapest on Monday. Seriously, Prague is SO beautiful. From the winding, cobblestone streets to the colorful buildings, I’m obsessed.

So stop whatever you’re doing, and start planning your own trip, because there’s so much to do and see! Below I’m recounting my weekend in Prague to help you plan your trip (because trust me, you’ll want to start packing your bags immediately).


Check it out from every angle, and walk across it, but be prepared for large crowds!

Climb the tower for a great view of the square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the Church of Our Lady before Týn.

The largest ancient castle in the world and definitely one of the main attractions. Walking around the grounds is free, and you can buy passes to enter the various buildings, but my recommendation is to just buy a ticket to climb the St. Vitus Cathedral tower for a killer view of the city. Then walk inside the cathedral for free, and enjoy the grounds. This saves you a lot of time and money, and those were the best parts of the castle in my opinion!

A really beautiful area of Prague where you’ll find the Lennon Wall and Kampa Island, along with tons of little restaurants, parks, and of course, more great views.

Beautiful and very peaceful gardens to wander around in, and you may even find yourself up close and personal with the peacocks that live there!

Inside you will find a beautiful baroque library and an astronomical tower with another bird’s eye view of Prague.


I had a list of traditional foods to try, and barely made a dent, but here’s a few we tried that I definitely recommend:

Smažený Sýr // fried cheese, need I say more?
Guláš + Knedlíky // meat and veggie goulash with dumplings
Grilované Klobásy // grilled sausages served in a roll
Trdelník // rolled pastry topped with sugar, nuts, or cinnamon
Czech Beer


• Bakeshop // the best pastries, quiches, coffees, and teas

• Lokal // underground restaurant is the perfect place to grab some beer and a bite to eat
• Restaurace Mincovna // great vibes and food right in Old Town Square


• Bring some cash (Czech Koruna/Czech Crown) or stop by an ATM. A lot of restaurants, street vendors, and even some of the big attractions don’t accept credit cards.

• Wear comfortable shoes for walking the cobblestone streets and climbing the tower stairs.

• Plan to see some things twice. Once during the day and once at night when everything is lit up.

Anyone been to Prague before, and did you love it as much as we did? Definitely would love to visit again, maybe when the weather is a little warmer!

– Courtney

Restaurant Links // Bakeshop // Lokal // Restaurace Mincovna

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