Hello, 2023

It’s a brand new year!
Sharing my 2022 reflections and my 2023 goals + vision board.


2022 was a really good year. Perfect? No. But when I think back – the good times truly outshine any bad. Some highlights included visiting my brother in NYC, a girls trip to Tennessee, a family vacation to New River Gorge National Park, a weekend in Charleston, and our fall Europe trip to Amsterdam and Greece. Plus all the good times at home too – many bike rides and coffee dates, movie nights and kitty cuddles, game nights with friends and dinners with family. Another year of fun and growth for my small business, Sincerelee Studio, and a new (fully remote) job for Zack. So much to be thankful for.

Personal takeaways from 2022:
• Create for yourself
• Stop waiting for the “right time” and allow yourself to start.
• Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to rest and recover (this includes your body AND your mind).


And with reflecting come new goals to bring into the new year. I like to break my goals down into “categories” and keep them in my phone notes so I can always look back at them. Some are more personal than others but I’ll share a few here:

travel goals // at least one international trip, at least one US trip (outside of NC), lots of smaller day/weekend adventures

sincerelee goals // not sharing all my plans and ideas but my goals include continued growth and new product categories

creative goals // Zack and I have a fun secret project we’re working on so that’s a big one plus I’d love to expand my skills and knowledge for video editing

Thanks for following along this year. I love sharing my adventures with you, and I hope they’ve inspired you to explore this beautiful world we live in. Looking forward to all that 2023 will bring!

– Courtney

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