Another year over, and kicking off my first blog post of the year with some 2021 reflections and 2022 goals/intentions.


Even though 2021 was probably the least amount we’ve traveled in a long time, we managed to take a few trips around Southern California. I cant wait to really start traveling again – I miss it so much!

I continued to grow my little side hustle (Sincerelee,), and it’s been really fun creating, learning, and growing! I have a lot of ideas I hope to accomplish in 2022 and beyond!

But probably the biggest thing to come out of 2021: leaving Los Angeles and moving back east to North Carolina.

It’s been 4 months, but I feel as though we are still in the transition phase. We are currently renovating the apartment we plan to move into in January (🤞🏻), and I think once we can finally move in and unpack everything, we will feel much more settled in. Long story short: been living with my parents which I’m very thankful for BUT that means mostly living out of boxes. Looking forward to unpacking and getting into a normal rhythm again!

A few 2021 takeaways:
• You’re allowed to change your mind / changing what you want in life is ok!
• Focus on what helps your growth and makes you happy. Cut out the rest.
• Never say never.

A beautiful journey never goes in a straight line. it goes forward and back, left and right, through mountains and snow, and, if the traveler is lucky, to places they never knew they wanted to go.”

– unknown


travel goals // Ideally at least one big trip plus lots of smaller day/weekend adventures.

creative goals // Big plans when it comes to my design business, this blog, my YouTube channel, and more.

financial goals // Zack and I had some big financial goals in 2021, and through all the craziness, we achieved them. SO new year, new goals. (Not sharing those here, but just in case you’re thinking about your 2022 goals…setting those $$ goals is important!)

learning patience // Something I’ve really been dealing with the last half of 2021 – being patient is not always easy and definitely not fun, but usually worth it.

learning contentment // Especially in a world where social media exists – it’s easy to always WANT more, more, more. Sometimes I just need to pause and appreciate everything and everyone I have in my life because I don’t NEED much more.

I would love to hear your reflections and goals – if you feel like sharing, let’s chat in the comments!

And with that, here’s to 2022.

– Courtney

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